Crytek Christmas Level Design Contest

With the holiday season (and lots of free time) approaching, we at Crytek felt it was time to inject a bit of festive employment into proceedings with our Christmas level design contest! Over the next three weeks, starting from today, you'll have the chance to create a five minute gameplay sequence from a premade design brief, with the intent to get some of you fantastic level designers recruited and working on a project here at Crytek Frankfurt. Read below for more details.

What Am I Creating?
You will be creating a 5-10 minute action bubble (a slice of gameplay in other words) based around a pre-made design brief written by the designers on the team. The design brief can be found below. Apart from the general concept we've laid out in the brief, you are free to explore the gameplay opportunities in any way you wish. We aren't looking for anything in particular; the most interesting, enjoyable and well executed ideas will be rewarded.

It's also worth mentioning that planning will help you significantly during the creation of your map. If you do create your own more detailed design document for your own uses, attach it along with your entry files (however, it is by no means mandatory).


What is the mission setting?
The player is a lone member of an elite delta force unit sent behind enemy lines in the pacific island of Afrivea in the year 2030. Enhanced with new experimental nano technology, this delta force unit operates in enemy territory during times of heightened security in order to gain intelligence or hinder the invading KPA forces.

What are the mission objectives?
The player must eliminate General Ming-hao, a key figure in the KPA forces. How this can be achieved is up to you; you must craft a 5-10 minute slice of gameplay whereby the player must kill the general. Every other detail can be of your choosing.

What Are The Important Dates?
The content starts today, when this newspost went live. The contest will end on January 3rd, 21:00 CET (which is the same time as this newspost). The schedule for the contest is shown below.

December 13th - Contest Start: Take the next few days to concept out ideas and rough out your action bubble.

December 20th - Alpha File Submission: This submission should contain the very early stages of your level's development.

December 27th - Beta File Submission: This version of the map should have the core gameplay figured out, awaiting final polish over the next week.

January 3rd - Final File Submission: This final submission should contain a completed, fully playable version of your map.

What Are The Rules?
We're trying to keep this contest as freeflow as possible, but of course with this we're going to need to enforce a few rules to make sure it runs smoothly and fairly.

• You must use solely Crysis assets - in order to make it a level playing field, no custom assets or mod structures will be allowed on your submission. If you have questions about particular assets/files you'd like to include, please PM me.

• You must submit an alpha, beta and final file to be eligible for the interview - In order to make sure all submitted maps have been made for this contest, and haven't been worked on for a year beforehand, we will require all three versions of the map.

• You must be 18 or older to enter - if you'd like a job here you'll need to be over 18 in order to be of legal working age. Of course you're allowed to enter but it's wasting both parties time if you get to the interview stage when you can't legally accept the job.

• You must be... - eligible for employment in the EU, interested in working for Crytek, and willing to relocate should an offer be made.

Where Do I Submit My Entries?
For each stage of the competition, you will have to post a thread in the contest submission forum containing any information you want to display, with an attachment that includes a zip/rar of you level folder. The alpha submission forum is already open; the other forums will open up over time.

What Are The Prizes?
The prize up for grabs is a potential phone interview with Crytek to become an intern/junior level designer with the opportunity of working with myself, Cry-Jey, and Cry-Vlok on a project here at Crytek. We have no strict number to give away; if we feel that all the entries are of an excellent quality we'll be offering a lot of phone interviews. However, this by no means guarantees a job at Crytek; you will need to have created a good level and have a solid phone interview and onsite interview for this to happen. After the contest has ended, those of you who won phone interviews will be contacted. At a later date we may publish a news post saying who won what in order to give closure to the competition.

That's all for this introductory news post! If you have any questions, feel free to post in the official discussion thread or PM me; good luck with making some awesome levels!

Crytek Team

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