Crysis Wars EX v1.1 RELEASED

Crysis Wars EX Version 1.1 FINAL is released.

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Welcome to the last news piece about Crysis Wars EX before the actual release will happen. We are proud to announce that Crysis Wars EX will be released on Wednesday, the 25th of November during the evening.

In addition to that we have prepared a short video for you showing the new map Village and Blitz, our upcoming new and round based game mode. The video shows a typical round of Blitz:
  • The U.S. team spawns on the beach and prepares to invade the village.
  • Once reaching a radio they are calling an airstrike, what will activate the alarm signal all over the village.
  • If the North Korean army is unable to disable the signal, the U.S. airforce is bombing the prototype weapon facility.

We hope you enjoy the video and are happy as we are that Crysis Wars EX 1.1.0 is finally going to be released very soon.

Sincerely, Your Online Modding Group

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