Crysis Wars EX Update

Welcome to the last Crysis Wars EX Update before the release of Crysis Wars EX 1.1.0. Today is a good day and I want to let you all know that we are happy to announce that we have finalized Crysis Wars EX 1.1.0 and are ready to release it pretty soon. But before we do that there are still several things we have to prepare. So please give us the time.

Crysis Wars EX 1.1.0 Changelog
During the last weeks we have added more and more improvements, features, fixes to the changelog but this list was never intended to be the complete list. So here is the final and complete list of changes for Crysis Wars EX 1.1.0.

  • Addition of new game mode: Crytical Hit.
  • Addition of new game mode: Team Crytical Hit.
  • Addition of new game mode: Blitz.
  • Addition of new weapon to PS/CH/TCH: EP-SPARC Rifle
  • Added feature allowing players to pause the game (z_allowGamePause)
  • Raising OMG! Stats maximum level from 40 to 75.
  • Added shortcut on key to print stats.
  • Allowing spectators to print stats of in-game players.
  • Client CVar to show/hide each stats HUD.
  • Additon of client side CVars to adjust the displaying of the OMG! Stats HUD windows (z_statsHUDInstant, z_statsHUDRound, z_statsHUDAssist, z_statsHUDAll)

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  • Added a kill assist HUD window
  • Addition of help HUD window
  • Addition of ingame advertising in the menu for OMG! partners.
  • Added many options in the ingame "Settings" menu HUD, reflecting the newly introduced features.
  • Added new PowerStruggle map "Settlement".
  • Added new BLITZ map "Village".
  • Added an overworked EX version of the IA/TIA/CH/TCH map "Industrial".
  • Added an overworked EX version of the IA/TIA/CH/TCH map "Ice".
  • Added an overworked EX version of the IA/TIA/CH/TCH map "Treehouse".
  • Added an overworked EX version of the IA/TIA/CH/TCH map "Coast".
  • Activated Crytical Hit and Team Crytical Hit for all IA/TIA maps.
  • Added MP5 weapon spawns to Industrial_EX, Ice_EX, Coast_EX and Treehouse_EX
  • Treehouse_EX: Removed spectator points that were obscured by vegetation.
  • Treehouse_EX: Removed random vegetation scattered across the map.
  • Treehouse_EX: Tweaked environment draw distance from 5/45000 to 500/500.
  • Treehouse_EX: Tweaked all vegetation objects draw/sprite settings for performance.
  • Industrial_EX: Lowered LOD on some buildings that were outside of the play area.
  • Industrial_EX: Found and removed 3 more export faults.
  • Industrial_EX: Changed detail layers view dist ratio from 2 to 1.
  • Industrial_EX: Moved particles closer to object.

  • Added key to attach / detach the LAMRifle attachment on the fly.
  • Added key to attach / detach the Silencer attachment on the fly.
  • Addition of server-side CVar to change the initial player equipment.
  • Addition of server-side CVar to change the fall damage.
  • Added SPARC prototype factory posters
  • Scaled up the Reflex Sight
  • Addition of console command to print out the own stats (z_stats)
  • Added server side CVar to change the NK & US nanosuit skins (z_suitSkinNK & z_suitSkinUS)
  • Added server side CVar to modify the player speed for multiplayer (g_playerSpeedMultMultiplayer)
  • Added server side CVar to modify the height jump in the different modes (g_playerHeightJumpMult).
  • Added server side CVar to modify the height jump in strength mode (g_playerSuitHeightJumpMult).
  • Added server side CVar to modify the fall damage (g_playerFallDamageMult).
  • Added an additional server side CVar (z_overtimeValue) allowing admins to modify the overtime feature of Crysis Wars.
  • Addition of server side CVars to tweak the game pause feature (z_gamePauseOnInitTime, z_gamePauseOnFreezeTime, z_gamePausePostFreezeTime, z_gamePauseMaxPlayerRequests)
  • Addition of server side CVars to tweak the new Blitz game mode (z_blitz_buyTime, z_blitz_NKdefuseTime, z_blitz_USairstrikeCallTime, z_blitz_startupSpawnTime, z_blitz_allowTeamChange, z_blitz_switchRoundsNumber, z_blitz_USairstrikeArriveTime, z_blitz_endRoundAfterDefuse)
  • Added new server side CVars allowing admins to restrict items in CH, TCH and Blitz (z_restrictItemsCH, z_restrictItemsTCH, z_restrictItemsBlitz)
  • CivCar, LTV, ASV, Truck: Vehicle interacts with water/ocean more realistically.
  • CivCar, Truck: Many tweaks done to the handling and performance.
  • LTV, Spawn Truck: Increased vehicle weight. The vehicles perform similarly, but behave more realistically.
  • LTV: Armed variants have slightly increased armour values.
  • All vehicle with MG turrets: Gunner turret now turns and pitches with vehicle, not independently.
  • All vehicles: Splash damage received from explosive weapons works more realistically.

  • Reduction of damage applied to players when falling from a higher ground.
  • Reduced strength jump maximum energy consumption from 40 to 30.
  • FY71: Raised the rate of fire from 610 to 615.
  • SCAR: Slightly raised the base recoil values between 5 and 10%.
  • SCAR: Slightly decreased all sights/scopes recoil and spread bonuses, even when proning or crouching.
  • Hurricane: Balanced effectiveness against all vehicles, including armoured vehicles.
  • FGL40: Replaced all FGL40 grenades by bouncing grenades, for delayed explosion.
  • FGL40: Reduced the FGL40 Nano/EMP grenade effect and particle maximum radius from 10 to 7 meters.
  • FGL40: Reduced the FGL40 Nano/EMP Grenade damage from 60 to 0.
  • LAW: Added LAW auto-target feature.
  • Decrease of the LAW rocket speed & rebalancing to ensure fair vehicle combat.
  • Nano Disruptor/EMP Grenade: Reduced minimum blast radius from 12 to 0.1, max. radius is still 12.
  • C4: Increased carrying capacity to 2. Player can only lay 1 at a time however.
  • Silencer: Silencers now provide a -10% global recoil bonus
  • Silencer: Silencer damage reduced or improved depending on the weapon.
  • LAM: Raised min./max. spread to the SCAR, SMG, Minigun, SOCOM & AY69's LAM values to 5%.
  • The LAM now only provides a -15% min./max. spread bonus (instead of the original 25~40%).
  • All vehicles: Altered damages for various weapons. Some were doing no damage at all.
  • Gauss Tank: Gauss Ammo capacity increased to 15 rounds.
  • All TAC Tanks: Removed Coaxial MachineGun from TAC driver’s seat.
  • All TAC Tanks: Greatly decreased the TAC handling/performance.
  • NK APC: Decreased engine power.

  • Fixed MOAC shards not disappearing SDK bug.
  • Fixed LAW 1st person firing animation that would only be displayed during the third rocket firing.
  • Fixed SOCOM OOA tracers that were not showing correctly in 3rd person.
  • Hits number on InstantStats HUD were counted wrong
  • z_name feature was not compatible with CryStats system
  • Statistic title was wrong on GlobalRoundStats when using "stats" with PlayerName argument
  • Fixed LTV's Gunner turret light so that it works.
  • Fixed an issue with mounted machine guns not using tracers.
COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTIONS (The original developer is listed in brackets)
  • Added FlowGraph Plugin System (JamesRyan & Cry-Vlok)
  • Added Custom Skyboxes (FarCryer)
  • Added Custom Vehicle Skins for the LTV (FarCryer)
  • Added European Nature Set v0.8 (michi:be)
  • Added Pacman Character Assets (Missing.String)
  • Added Air Condition Assets (Jaco_E)
  • Added Wheelbarrow Asset (Darfid)
  • Added Crysis Cover Skin (FarCryer)
  • Added Iron Man Nanosuit Skin (AngryPirate)
  • Added Bloody Nanosuit Skin (FarCryer)
  • Added Red Nanosuit Skin (Sp3cTeR!)
  • Added Abaddon Nanosuit Skin (Abaddon)
  • Added White Carbon Skin (FarCryer)
  • Added Grey Nanosuit Skin (FarCryer)
  • Added Amphitryon Nanosuit Skin (FarCryer)
  • Added Black, Red & Gold Nanosuit Skin (FarCryer)
  • Added Blue Nanosuit Skin (DjSpider)
  • Added Urban Camo Skin (shadypepe)
  • Added Swedish Nanosuit Skin (FarCryer)
  • Added new weapon: H&K MP5-N (Christian Bliss)
  • Added NK Nanosuit Package (Revski)
  • Added Asian Nanosuit 'Red Camo' Skin (the_grim)

Crysis Wars Extended Server Options
The Server Side Mod (SSM) originally developed by Hawkeye is a very famous modification allowing administrators to adjust server settings. With this modification he built a base for future projects just as SSM Aegis or SSM Patriot.

We are proud to have vecchia in our team, one of the originally developers of SSM Patriot that is now working on Crysis Wars ESO. This is mainly a server side extension that works in collaboration with Crysis Wars EX and allows administrators to continue using their favorite and loved SSM features. Of course this is just the base. Crysis Wars ESO will be updated independently what means you can expect regular updates to this system.

The version included in Crysis Wars EX is an early BETA version that is not officially supported by us. Use at your own risk (for now). The current features of Crysis Wars ESO are listed below:
  • Connection logging
  • Chat logging
  • Hit logging
  • Spam messages.
  • Chat commands available for admins and players to execute extended server options.
  • Possibility to mute the chat.
  • Team kill custom options
  • Admin invincibility
  • Premium state allowing specific users to spawn with and extended equipment.
  • Options to define the starting equipment of all players including the attachments.
  • Kill streak Ffeature
  • Custom headshot message
  • Custom welcome message
  • Map abandon feature
  • Factories custom messages
  • Players names protection
That’s it for this news update. Soon we will announce the definite release date for Crysis Wars EX 1.1.0. Just give us some more time to prepare the release and servers properly.

Sincerely, Your Online Modding Group