Cevat Yerli and Jack Mamais Interview

This video (in MPG format - 480x272 - 5:21 min) shows an interview (in english) with Cevat Yerli, president of Crytek and Jack Mamais, Crytek Designer.

Cevat talks about the success of Farcry and what they used from it for Crysis. Also you can see the crossing to the ice-area and why they chosen the ice-thematic with aliens. During the Crysis story the player learns more and more about the aliens and why they're here on earth.

Jack Mamais explains a little bit the equipment of the mainchar and his identity. Also he explains the message ("...all for all...") behind the story. Last but not least, you can hear the anticipated "releasedate", which will be winter 2006.

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