Crysis Wars EX Update #10

Welcome to the tenth news update on Crysis Wars EX. This is part three on our way towards the release of Crysis Wars EX 1.1 and just some days left till we finally can release the next version.

New Gamemode: Blitz
We already announced two new game modes for Crysis Wars EX: Crytical Hit and Team Crytical Hit. Today we are finally ready to introduce you to the third new game mode of our upcoming release.

The Crysis Wars EX game mode Blitz is an objective and round based game mode that forces the player to work close with his team to complete the goal of the team he has chosen. Players joining the U.S. forces have to call an airstrike using a North Korean radio station. Players joining the North Korean forces have to defend those radio stations.

Crysis Wars EX 1.1 features a new variety of console commands allowing server administrators to adjust the game mode to their needs.
  • z_blitz_buyTime – Defines the time in seconds players can buy weapons & equipment at the start of a round.
  • z_blitz_NKdefuseTime – Time North Korean players require to stop the radio transmission.
  • z_blitz_USairstrikeCallTime – Time U.S. players require to start the radio transmission.
  • z_blitz_startupSpawnTime – Defines the time in seconds players have to wait at the start of each round.
  • z_blitz_allowTeamChange – If enabled the server will switch teams automatically.
  • z_blitz_switchRoundsNumber – Defines the number of rounds that have to be played before the teams will be switched.
  • z_blitz_USairstrikeArriveTime – Time it takes till the radio transmission has been successful.

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The last weeks we have been starting several polls to let you, the community, decide what content gets added to Crysis Wars EX. All polls have been closed and here are the results. Of course we will continue this process and will also in the future keep special decisions about the development up to you.

The winner of this poll is the Snow Camouflage with 16 votes followed by the Black original MP-5 with 13 votes. Therefore the MP-5 featured in Crysis Wars EX is using the Snow Camouflage

Nanosuit Skins
As we mentioned in an update before the server administrators have the chance to change the nanosuit skins during a round to a one they want to use. We had several categories for the different US suits and here are the winners

Unique / Funky
  1. Crysis Cover Skin by FarCryer
  2. Iron Man Skin by AngryPirate
  3. Bloody Nanosuit Skin by FarCryer
Simple / Monochrome
  1. Red Nanosuit Skin by Sp3cTeR!
  2. Abaddon Nanosuit by Abaddon
  3. White Carbon Skin by FarCryer
  1. Grey Nanosuit Skin by FarCryer
  2. Amphitryon Skin by FarCryer
  3. Black, Red & Gold by FarCryer
  1. Blue Nanosuit Skin by DjSpider
  2. Urban Camo Skin by shadypepe
  3. Swedish Nanosuit Skin by FarCryer
That´s it! More information about the upcoming release of Crysis Wars EX 1.1 will follow the next days including more information on the different maps featured in the latest version of Crysis Wars EX and the final and complete changelog.

Sincerely, Your Online Modding Group