CryENGINE3 for Project TGO

Frankfurt a. M. (Germany) / Seoul (South-Korea), October 29th 2009 - OnNet Co. Ltd. and Crytek GmbH (“Crytek”) announced today that ‘Project TGO’ will be developed with CryENGINE® 3, the latest game engine from Crytek. Hence, CEO Sungju Hong (OnNet Co. Ltd.) and CEO Youngmok Park (Crytek Korea Ltd.) exchanged the contract for the license of CryENGINE® 3 at the Crytek office and agreed their full cooperation for the project.

In the past, OnNet Co. Ltd. developed and published the critically acclaimed Golf-MMOG ‘Shot online’. In line with the development of their latest project, Jaesun Kim, the director of OnNet, stated: “Our next online golf game ’Project TGO’ is based on the experience and the knowledge from ‘Shot online’. With the help of the newest CryENGINE® 3 technology we will deliver the most realistic physics with natural background and highly detailed graphics within our game. In order to reach the best results within the game we are focusing on a very strong cooperation between Crytek and OnNet.”

OnNet plans to start its service in 2010 but has not released any concept or special features yet so that they sparked the curiosity within the industry. OnNet USA will be in charge of the Producing and Business Development for ‘Project TGO’ while the game and graphics development will be led by their offices in Korea and China with some of the original developers of ‘Shot online’. With this new international organization OnNet is targeting a global market.

Youngmok Park, Managing Director of Crytek Korea Ltd. declared: “CryENGINE 3 is undoubtedly the best choice for ‘Project TGO’. Our latest all-in-one game development solution allows the team to develop more content in less time and primarily at less risk. I am convinced that OnNet’s latest project will look even better and more realistic than its former games. Our cooperation will lift golf games to a whole new level and make them even more attractive to the gamers. We’re really looking forward to the result.”

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- Forumbeitrag @ CryENGINE 3 is the first game development platform for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, MMO, DX9/DX10 that also is truly Next-Gen-Ready - with scalable computation and graphics for all major upcoming platforms. It provides the complete game engine to create AAA quality next generation games, and includes the redesigned CryENGINE 3 Sandbox™ level editor, a production-proven, 3rd generation “What you see is what you play” (WYSIWYP) - tool designed by and for professional developers.

CryENGINE® is the underlying technology for Crytek’s critically acclaimed games Crysis and Crysis Warhead and has already been licensed to a number of major game companies around the globe, including several recent serious games training and simulation projects. CryENGINE®3 is the underlying technology for the highly anticipated Crysis®2.

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