Online Modding Group - Monthly Update #1

Welcome to the first Monthly Update brought to you by the Online Modding Group. This updates will feature news about the Crysis Wars EX universe and other upcoming projects brought to you by the Online Modding Group.

Content: OMG! News Update #1
  • Crysis Wars EX
    • Status Update
    • New Game Mode: Crytical Hit
  • OMG! Community Corner
    • Community Vote: Nanosuit
    • Release: Sniper Only Modfication
  • Inside OMG!
    • PreCrysis
    • Meet the Team
    • Vacant Positions
    • New People
Crysis Wars EX
With more than 1700 tracked players since its initial release, Crysis Wars EX is the most played Multiplayer modification for Crysis Wars. To support these players, the Online Modding Group is working on regular updates featuring new content and improvements the community is waiting for.

(Name: Village, Gamemode: TBA)

Status Update
Our development team is working hard to get the next version of Crysis Wars EX ready as soon as possible. This content update will feature several new game modes and other useful improvements. In this update we will reveal more features of the upcoming content update but be aware that this is not the final list of features. There will be more revealed during the next weeks.

  • [FEATURE] New game mode added: Crytical Hit (CH).
  • [FEATURE] New game mode added: Team Crytical Hit (TCH).
  • [FEATURE] Added a new ingame pause feature.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Increased water resistance effect of all cars and trucks
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added Console Commands to print stats and help
  • [BALANCE] The LAM now only provides a -15% min./max. spread bonus (instead of the original 25~40%).
  • [BALANCE] Silencer: Silencers now provide a -10% global recoil bonus
  • [BALANCE] Silencer: Silencer damage reduced or improved depending on the weapon.
  • [BALANCE] LAW: Added LAW auto-target feature.
  • [FIX] Hits number on InstantStats HUD were counted wrong
  • [FIX] z_name feature was not compatible with CryStats system
  • [FIX] Statistic title was wrong on GlobalRoundStats when using "stats" with PlayerName argument
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The Crytical Hit (respectively Team Crytical Hit) game mode is a variant of the Instant Action (respectively Team Instant Action) game mode, pretty much resembling Unreal Tournament/Quake's InstaGib game mode with some additions:

The player spawns automatically with a new weapon introduced in Crysis Wars EX 1.1 that kills in one-hit, no other weapons are usable, and the nanosuit has some boosted abilities such as a more powerful strength jump, or a faster acceleration in speed mode, although the energy consumption is more eager in that case. The goal of a TCH/CH match being the same as in TIA/IA: to score more points than the opponent.

(Name: Village, Gamemode: TBA)
OMG! Community Corner
Our community corner will bring you latest updates about the latest happenings about the Online Modding Group and its related projects. This can be a new vote or new content on our homepage, the release of additional files or anything else that might be interesting for you.

Community Vote: US Nanosuit Skins
In our last update we revealed a new feature that allows server administrators to change the skin of the nanosuit on the fly for the different teams. Now there are a lot of nanosuit skins out there on Crymod and other sites but we just want to add the best of them to Crysis Wars EX.

Therefore you have the chance to vote for your favorite nanosuit skin in our forum. The suits that get the more votes in this community poll will be added to Crysis Wars EX 1.1.

Due to the small amount of NK skins and the large amount of available custom skins for the US nanosuit we have created only a vote for US nanosuit skins. Follow the links below to get to the Community Votes:
  • Community Vote: Camouflage 1/2
  • Community Vote: Camouflage 2/2
  • Community Vote: Patterns / Tribal
  • Community Vote: Monochrome
  • Community Vote: Funky / Unique

(Name: Village, Gamemode: TBA)
Release: Sniper Only Modification
The “SniperOnlyMod” is a small yet simple modification of the (Team) Instant Action game mode created by TheBlackDead, specifically designed for an upcoming ESL event, and allowing players to fight and frag each other with a DSG-1 Sniper Rifle.
At every spawn, players get equipped with a SOCOM and a DSG-1 Sniper Rifle (including the LAM attachment and a Sniper Scope). All TIA/IA maps have no weapon or grenade spawn points. The goal of a “SniperOnly” match stays the same as in TIA/IA: to score more points as the opponent. Interested players can download this modification at our homepage.

Download SniperOnlyMod

(Booom Headshot!)

Inside OMG!
We present you Inside OMG! the section about the people behind Crysis Wars EX and the other projects. Who joined and what positions are vacant? To get answers to these question please continue reading.

Pre Crysis
Just some weeks ago ReCryation, the modding team behind the PreCrysis Single Player modification decided to join the Online Modding Group to use the development resources we have and to help each other with the various projects.

PreCrysis is Crysis as it was planned and envisioned in 2006. Every player knows the story changed during development several times. This modification is divided in three main parts, or acts.
In the first act the player is fighting against the North Korean army upon arrival. The second act will feature the alliance with the North Koreans to fight against the aliens inside the ice sphere. The third and last act will eventually take part in the alien mothership where the player fights back against the aliens in order to ensure the survival of our planet.

(Pre Crysis)

Meet the OMG! Team: Icarus
Welcome in the “Meet the OMG Team” section where we will introduce you to the different members of the Online Modding Group. It is always exciting to know more about the people that work on something you play and therefore we thought it might be a good addition to our regular updates. This week we will introduce you to Icarus, one of the new members that joined us together with the whole team of the Pre Crysis modification.

Hi, my name is Dave Bechtum, I'm 15 years old and I live in The Netherlands. I'm currently in highschool, exam class. At the Pre Crysis modification I am working as a Game Designer, getting the gameplay into a level. What I do is called "Prototyping", creating the basic gameplay elements and the layout. I am creating a rough version of a map; add all the AI, make basic AI navigation and special events like earthquakes and falling rocks. It then gets passed on to the rest of the team, this way everyone gets a basic idea of what the map is going to be like. Hopefully Pre Crysis will turn out great and that you will all have a great time playing it.

(Pre Crysis)

Vacant Positions
With Crysis Wars EX, Pre Crysis and another unannounced project in development we are always looking for talented people that want to join a big and joyful bunch of modders.

Crysis Wars EX
  • Texturer
  • Focus Tester
Pre Crysis
  • Texturer
  • Sound Designer
  • Level Designer (trained with the trackview editor)
Project 03
  • Concept Artist
  • Character Artist
We offer you the chance to work in a big team with people from all over the world to improve a great game and add tons of new features to it to make it even better. We have experienced people in our team that help you improving your skills and learn from each other.

If you are interested in joining the Online Modding Group please write us a PM or a mail (Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!).

(Pre Crysis)
New People
Several new people joined the Online Modding Group in the last weeks. Please welcome the following new members (sorted by projects).

Crysis Wars EX
  • Cayman – 3D Artist
  • mars – 2D Artist
  • Stefano – Programmer
  • zygurt – Sound Designer
  • Maarten – Lead Level Designer
  • Sondre – Level Designer
  • Dave – Level Designer
  • Cyrus – Jungle Designer
  • Harrison – AI Designer
  • Andy – Mission Designer
  • Aleksey – HUD Programmer
  • Seth – TOD Artist
  • Jake – Particle Artist
  • DarkLite
  • Quaterno
  • ppff
  • Cr4nk
  • Agent5123
This was the first Online Modding Group Monthly Update. We hope it was not too much text but there was quite a big break between this update and the last, and we had much to tell, though this is but a teaser of what's to come soon.


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