Project Far Cry

The mod goal is to recreate the best-known game Far Cry on a new powerful engine of Crysis with the new best features that we can add there - graphics, environment, missions, everything with extra quality.

Some pictures, showing the Training level (without buildings):

Compare the Project Far Cry graphics and environment with the similar Far Cry place:
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Technical Fatures:
* New weapons, most of them from Far Cry
* More game story on the best-known levels
* New assets , models and textures!
* Far Cry style HUD and UI menu modding
* New vehicles
* New characters

For now we have 3 levels under development, but we don't have the custom buildings and needed characters, so we can't post the screenshots with buildings we have for a moment. We need co reareate the assets from zero and make the mod to be totally legal.

We're always recruiting people with next abilities:
* Modelers
* Texturers
* Character creatorsanimators
* Coders
* Concept-art designers
* Level designers

Some updates' pictures could not be shown here, but you can visit those pages:
MODDB: Project Far Cry
Ubisoft: forum - Project Far Cry

I hope you will like the mod. Please post the comments and apply for positions to help our team.

Greetings, Alex626

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