MyCrysis Monthly Update Sep 2009

Welcome to the “Crysis Monthly Update #17", the monthly report for our world-wide community.

In this last month at Crytek, MyCrysis and Crymod, we've had an exciting time as the community has been as busy ever creating content for the Crysis franchise. This update includes a selection of some of the amazing work we've seen, showing just how creative our community is when it comes to Crysis modding. This month we also had two Inside Crytek interviews, the Crysis Wars Summer Trial Giveaway Results, and even a look at how CryENGINE3 is being used to show off the amazing ATi Eyefinity technology. Read on for further information!

- Crysis Monthly Update – September 2009
- Inside Crytek - Sam Howels and Turgut Özbayram
- Crysis Wars Summer Trial Giveaway Results
- CryEngine 3 – ATi Eyefinity
- Community Corner featuring the 'Best of Crymod'

Inside Crytek
Today we look back and summarise another month here at Crytek. Below you can find interviews from Turgut Özbayram, a Crysis 2 Level Designer and Sam Howels, our latest intern who has been active on both and as part of our staff team for over six months. Sam has now joined our ranks in Frankfurt, Germany - and we are very glad to welcome him aboard!

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