Summer Trial - Download Available tonight

Adapt. Engage. Dominate. August 28th!

Please be sure to read this ENTIRE post first, before asking questions, those that repeat questions covered here will be directed back to this post!

We hope that by now you have been able to download the entirety of Crysis Wars and you’ve had a chance to train with your friends on LAN, because now, you are going to be able to play online! Please be sure to read through this entire post before asking questions, as we've tried to make sure that everything is covered and kept simple in this piece of news. If you do have genuine questions though, obviously you can feel free to ask on the forums.

Step by Step Guide
To get YOUR personal trial key to be able to take part in this weekends Free online play, simply CLICK HERE and then follow the instructions listed below.

The trial keys will be enabled until Friday 4th September 21:00 CET

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- The process couldn't be easier. Simply go to the URL or click this link. Once on the website you will see the image listed below as "2", click the button that says "Generate Crysis Wars Trial Key" then in a few seconds the page should reload displaying the key you should use in your version of Wars.


 If when you have done these steps, something goes wrong, then simply refresh the page, you will probably get a message like the one shown below on the left. If that is the case, then simply click on the "My Account" button at the top of the page and go to the bottom of the list in the "miscellaneous" section. You'll see a link saying "My Trial Keys" which is where you're find the key to enter into the game. It will stay saved here all weekend.

Once you've got the key, all you need to do is open up your game, and go to internet game displayed below.

Oce you've clicked "Internet game" you will be prompted (as shown in the image below) for your CD Key which you have just retrieved from Enter the key and it's that simple, you'll be able to play Crysis Wars against your friends for free, throughout the whole weekend.