GDC 2009: Cevat Yerli - The Future of Gaming Graphics

Endlich, hier ist die Pressekonferenz von Cevat Yerli - Crytek CEO als Audiodatei, in englischer Sprache, über die Zukunft von Spielegrafik.

Vielen Dank an Adem Demirdag von, der diese Aufzeichnung gemacht und uns zur Verfügung gestellt hat.

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Cevat Yerli"The Future of Gaming Graphics"

Monday, August 17

Known as a visionary for creating lush, immersive, graphical games with Far Cry® and Crysis, Yerli will speak about the opportunities for immersion as graphical realism reaches new levels and technology continues to deliver faster processors capable of greater rendering. The technology available today is light years ahead of what was generally available just five years ago. Add those advancements to increasing technical expertise as we learn more about graphically creating immersive worlds, and the conditions are right to have graphics play a major role in telling the story of a game.

Cevat Yerli's first games and development experiences go back to the 80s with the Commodore 64 and the Schneider CPC 6128 where he worked on simulation games. Since then, his passion has been making and playing games. After his economics studies he focused his passion on his lifetime project to create Crytek, and in 1999, the studio was born. Cevat drives the vision of Crytek's games and technologies and defines, together with Avni and Faruk Yerli, the studio's strategic business development.