Crytek @ Gamescom

Since the launch of our teaser trailer back at E3 2009, you've all been asking for more information about Crysis 2. Well your wish has been granted and now you'll be getting the chance to find out even more about our upcoming title.

Crytek will be presenting some exclusive information about Crysis 2 on the EA GC Booth Stage at GamesCom on Thursday 20th August (under a week away!) at 3:15pm. If you can make it to GamesCom be sure that you don't miss out on this world wide exclusive. If you can't make it, then don't panic, as we'll be covering whatever is to be shown there.

In Closing
Be sure to keep coming back to MyCrysis for more exclusive information on Crysis 2. Next Thursday we will be releasing some much awaited news about our new title, don't miss out!

- MyCrysis Team

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