Siggraph 2009: CryENGINE®3

Crytek hat auf der eigenen Webseite Informationen zum Präsentationsmaterial von der Siggraph 2009.

Auf der Seite findet man neben Technologiepräsentationen auf Video auch pdf Dateien.

Kaplanyan, A.: Light Propagation Volumes in CryEngine 3

This is a SIGGRAPH 2009 talk from "Advanced Real-time Rendering Course" about new ligting technique in CryEngine 3. The new technique called "Light Propagation Volumes" is used for Global Illumination and Massive Lighting, which significantly improves the lighting quality. The concept and its implementation are explained in the paper. Slides from the talk with talk notes as well as the video are provided.

Danke an Willy für den Hinweis zu den Infos und den Videos.

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- Movie: Global Illumination - Download AVI [41.7 MB]