MyCrysis Tournament Sign Ups Closed!

The MyCrysis 3v3 Power Struggle, powered by Multiplay, is getting ready to begin and in preparation for this event we are pleased to announce that the registrations are now open!

To register for this event you simply need to follow the instructions and link found below, the tournament is scheduled to start in August on the weekend dates of 15/08/09 and 16/08/09 so make sure clear your calendar and get training, there will be plenty of great prizes available in addition to the fame and glory up for grabs.

How to sign up
To sign up for this tournament you need to go through a similar process as last time, just follow the steps listed below;

• Visit the official sign up thread in the MyCrysis forum (link found below)
• Create one post PER TEAM
• The team post should be posted by a designated team captain that will be in contact with MyCrysis staff for match organising
• The post should include; Team name, Players (include MyCrysis usernames AND Crysis Wars names), and the location of the players
• That's it! Now you just need to wait for the schedule to be announced.

If you have any questions about this process please read the first post in the sign up thread, it will give you an example of how to layout your submission.

MyCrysis Official 3vs3 PowerStruggle Tournament Sign Up Thread!

The rules will be based off the official ESL 3vs3 PowerStruggle rules, you can find a link here and a general overview below;

• Games will be played on punkbuster enabled servers.
• All games will be moderated by a staff member.
• Games must be recorded, staff members can request a this recording to be sent at any time without reason.
• Weapon restrictions will be enforced - see the ESL rules for a complete list.
• Server settings will be the following;

- sv_cheatprotection = 3
- net_pb_sv_enable true
- g_friendlyfireratio = 1
- g_energy_scale_income = 1
- g_revivetime 15
- g_timelimit 25

•The games will either be best of 3 maps or best of 1, this will depend on sign ups. In the event of best of 1 map, this will be preselected for each round so neither team will have the advantage of selection.

The prizes are still yet to be announced. As mentioned before we will offer the same Crytek merchandise as last time (T-shirts, bags, mousepads, lanyards, wrist bands, etc.) in addition to a grand prize for first place. A breakdown of all prizes and payouts will be released before the commencement of the tournament.

The Schedule
This is the tournament schedule, this is being provided so that you can plan the time now and there is no excuse for missing these dates;

13/07/09 - Tournament sign ups open!
27/07/09 - Tournament sign ups close!
31/07/09 - Schedule and tournament structure/layout announced
15/08/09 - Play day 1
16/08/09 - Play day 2
16/08/09 - Winners announced, prizes sent

Questions and comments should be directed to our MyCrysis 3vs3 PowerStruggle Discussion thread which is monitored regularly by MyCrysis staff.

- MyCrysis Team

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