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Server #1
Port: 64100
CryStats: aktiv

Welcome to the latest news update of Crysis Wars EX. As promised we are releasing version 1.0.1 to the public, and hope we will receive lots of good feedback information to keep improving the game and the modification.

• Crysis Wars EX 1.0.1 Changes
• Crysis Wars EX 1.0.1 Download & Installation

Crysis Wars EX 1.0.1 Changes
The team spent about two weeks on creating this patch to mainly fix the issues we had in the 1.0 release, before beginning to work on the next major version: our first Contents Update. Below you can find a full list including all changes and improvements that have been applied to the modification.

• Fixed claymore behavior which has been reverted back to Crysis Wars 1.5's.
• Fixed AY69 issues with silencer on third person.
• Fixed HighPing performance-related issue; It now works on tick instead of on update, so it is called 1 time each second instead of 30 or more times. You should not get any major FPS drop like in EX 1.0 anymore.
• Fixed possible crash using z_allowWallJump.
• Fixed error message when a loadout package is not localized.
• Fixed claymore explosive carry limit to 1.
• Plantation_EX: Tweaked some vegetation LODs for better visual appearance on low settings.
• Plantation_EX: Fixed issue with US barracks being frozen.
• Plantation_EX: Fixed issue with energy site decals being misplaced.
• Plantation_EX: Fixed issue with spectator point being in a bad position.
• Refinery_EX: Fixed missing rain particle.
• Refinery_EX: Various particle tweaks.

• FY-71 balancing adjustments.

• HighPing feature now scans and waits 10 seconds before kicking a player.
• HighPing threshold default value changed from 100 to 150.
• Rename Nomad feature is no more case sensitive, it will kick "Nomad", "nomad" and "nOmAd" as well.
• Removed intro videos on startup.

• Added Czech localization.
• Added Auto Update System v1, it will show a message when a new version is available, players are now not able to play online with an old version.
• Added Special Loadout to buy ammo: BUYAMMO (case sensitive), when writing z_loadoutBuy BUYAMMO, you will get ammo for your current weapon.
• Added z_buy command to buy weapons and/or vehicles.

Crysis Wars EX 1.0.1 Download & Installation
We provide three Crysis Wars EX install methods. The first one is an installer; we moreover recommend players to use this installer version. The installer will lead you through the full installation process, and will place a shortcut on your desktop to start Crysis Wars EX. The second method is a simple .zip archive that should be used by Server Administrators to upgrade their servers to Crysis Wars EX. Just copy the complete “Mods” folder to your Crysis Wars main folder. The third and last install method is also the easiest one. If you have installed Crysis Wars 1.0 on your hard drive then you can use the Auto Installer to download and install the patch.

Now Recruiting 2D talents:
The team is currently looking for dedicated 2D artists that would be in charge of texturing tasks within the project, among other things. If you feel interested in being part of the OMG! Team to help make the EX modification even better, feel free to contact us via the forums!

We hope you keep on enjoying Crysis Wars EX and are really looking forward to your feedback on our first patch.

- Online Modding Group

Server #1
Port: 64100
CryStats: aktiv

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