Crysis Wars EX - Update #5

Welcome to the “Crysis Wars EX Update #5”, the regular report about the latest changes and additions in the world of Crysis Wars EX. We have several categories in each update and we hope to get some input from you, the community, to know exactly what you want to read in these updates. This is the fifth and last update before the release of Crysis Wars EX.

Content: Crysis Wars EX Update #5
* The Final Countdown
* The Crysis Wars EX 1.0 Teaser
* Meet the Team: r4rgh
* Crysis Wars EX eSports Round-Up

The Final Countdown
During the last weeks we informed you about the latest changes and improvements we were working on for the first version of Crysis Wars EX. This week I can proudly announce that Crysis Wars EX will be available at the 14th of July. The following topics will explain you exactly what awaits you for the release.

Multiple release versions
We are planning to release two versions of Crysis Wars EX. Normal players can use the Installer version. It will automatically install Crysis Wars EX on your system and will place a specific starting file on the desktop. The second version is simply a .zip archive that can be mainly used by server administrators to install Crysis Wars EX to their server.

Crysis Wars EX will be available in various languages and we hope to add the missing ones with one of the upcoming updates to our modification. For the start we are supporting English, German, French, Russian and Italian. If your language is missing in this list and you want to help us adding it don´t hesitate and contact us.

OMG! Homepage
Last week we have shown you a first preview of our upcoming homepage, the new home of Crysis Wars EX. The homepage will be made available on the 12th of July. More information will follow in a news on this day.

No Linux Version

Due to a limitation of the SDK we have to announce that Crysis Wars EX can be only installed on servers using a windows operating system.

The Crysis Wars EX 1.0 Teaser
Today we show you the first video footage of our new map Deadend that was designed by Fabian “Nerv3” Rückert. The video was edited by The Bad Frag and the music was composed by maci1702. We hope you like it. Your feedback is very welcome as always and helps us to improve future videos.

Anmerkung: Crysis Wars Extended wird ab dem 14.07.2009 weltweit zum Download bereit stehen. Auch wird einen Download stellen.

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@ Meet the OMG! Team: r4rgh
Welcome in the “Meet the OMG Team” section where we will introduce you to the different members of the Online Modding Group. It is always exciting to know more about the people that work on something you play and therefore we thought it might be a good addition to our regular updates. This week we will introduce you to r4rgh, Project Manager on Crysis Wars EX and Master League Admin in the ESL.

Hi, my name is Olivier "r4rgh" Boukili, I am 24 years old and I live in France. Currently I am Project Manager for Crysis Wars EX. My tasks consist of suggesting and reviewing modifications from the original Crysis Wars gameplay to EX, designing new game modes and other new additions, as well as helping other sections such as the Art Department in regards to work communication in various ways. Along with c4te and TheBlackDead, we started working on a small mod to be used in the Electronic Sports League, to work on some of the features that we felt were missing or needed improvements from the original game. The team eventually got bigger with more and more talented people from both the modding and gaming communities, and we thus re-planned and expanded our original goals.

I am really happy to work in OMG! and everyday I am amazed by the quality of the work produced by all the talented people in the team, and therefore, am really looking forward to the community playing Crysis Wars EX.

Crysis Wars EX eSports Round-Up
With Crysis Wars EX 1.0 soon to-be released, the different eSports gaming leagues are anticipating its initial release and are thinking about adding Crysis Wars EX to their planned events.

We will therefore provide e-sports coverage with our “Crysis Wars EX eSports Round-Up” news section, added from time to time to our normal news updates, which will bring you the latest news from the world of eSports.

ESL Crysis Wars EX 3on3 PS Summer Cup
The first tournament hosted by the ESL will be a 3on3 Power Struggle Summer Cup. This single-elimination tournament starts at the 16th of July and ends at the 3rd of August. The sign up is limited to 16 teams and the following maps are played in each round:

- 1st Round: Deadend
- 2nd round: Plantation_EX
- 3rd round: Desolation_EX
- 4th round: Refinery_EX

ESL Crysis Wars EX Ladders
Together with the release of Crysis Wars EX the ESL will open new ladders which will progressively replace the current Crysis Wars ladders. This will be done to provide every player and every team the chance for a fresh start in the ESL Crysis Wars section.

That’s it. This was the last update on Crysis Wars EX 1.0. There will be no new updates during the next 3 weeks but of course there will be news from the Crysis Wars EX universe. We will take a short break after the last busy months and will come back with updates on Crysis Wars EX 1.1 pretty soon.

Cheers, Sven “c4Te” Metzger