Crysis Wars EX - Update #4

Welcome to the “Crysis Wars EX Update #4”, the regular report about the latest changes and additions in the world of Crysis Wars EX. We have several categories in each update and we hope to get some input from you, the community, to know exactly what you want to read in these updates. Our fourth update is all about statistics, why they are important for Crysis Wars EX and what kind of benefit you will have from them.

Content: Crysis Wars EX Update #4
  • The Stats System
  • The Login System
  • Meet the Team: 1ApRiL
The Stats System
Developed by 1ApRiL and based upon the Crysis 1 modification CryStats Crysis Wars EX will contain a new stats system. This OMG! Stats System is recording many useful statistics about players per round, map, game, weapon and game server. A list of all recorded statistics can be seen below.
  • Score
  • Kills
  • Deaths
  • Time
  • Life time
  • Death time
  • Shots
  • Hits
  • Headshots
  • Damage
  • Self kills
  • Team kills
  • Team damage
  • Kill assists
Using the recorded statistics we have made several new additions to the game that can be used by all players and server administrators in Crysis Wars EX.
  • Added chat command to display current statistics of own player / other player
  • Added server side option to enable / disable the OMG! Stats System
  • Added server side option to enable / disable the output of statistics
  • Added chat command (for clients) to enable / disable the output of statistics. Only works if the server side option is enabled.
  • Kill information get displayed as soon as a player killed someone or gets killed.
  • Added achievements that get displayed on the OMG! Stats Homepage.
  • Addition of a global rank system.

OMG! Homepage Preview

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The Login System
The last big feature we can reveal for the first version of Crysis Wars EX is the OMG! Login System. When playing Crysis Wars EX a second login window will be opened after the usual GameSpy login. This means every player requires an account on the OMG! Homepage that gets released some days before Crysis Wars EX. With this account you can login to the game, to the stats page and the Crysis Wars EX forums.
Every OMG! Account is linked to a specific GUID that gets generated out of the game serial. There can be only one account per GUID but several GUID´s per account. If a player has been caught cheating we will ban this account and his GUID. This way the player is unable to pass the second login screen and therefore unable to play Crysis Wars EX.

Stats Windows Preview

Meet the OMG! Team: 1ApRiL
Welcome in the “Meet the OMG Team” section where we will introduce you to the different members of the Online Modding Group. It is always exciting to know more about the people that work on something you play and therefore we thought it might be a good addition to our regular updates. This week we will introduce you to 1ApRiL, our Programmer responsible for the OMG! Stats System.

Hello, my name is Dominik ‘1ApRiL’ Herbst. I am 19 years old and live in Waiblingen (Germany) and work as software developer. I am working for Crysis Wars EX as Programmer, especially on the central statistics and login system. My career in programming starts at late 2003 when I made my first Homepage project using HTML, PHP and MySQL. I made some big projects like, and Since 2007 I work with C and C++ in lot of my free time. I joined the OMG! Team in May 2009 and brought in the now for more than one year in development CryStats System. My job is to manage, test and work on development of the statistics system, the login system and the statistics website. Most time I use Visual Studio to work on the C++ Code of Crysis Wars EX. I really like the work with this team. We complement perfect our skills to reach new features for Crysis Wars EX. It’s very exciting to test our new developed features and see how nice that works.

This was the fourth Crysis Wars EX Update. We hope you all enjoyed reading it and will try out Crysis Wars EX as soon as it gets released. Next week’s update will contain the last information about EX before 1.0 gets released. So stay tuned and have a good week.

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