Crysis Monthly Update #14


Welcome to the “Crysis Monthly Update #14", the monthly report for our world-wide community. This month we take a look back at a few articles posted throughout June, as well as take a sneak peak forward at just one of many things to come. We're got the results and winners of the MyCrysis FFA Tournament, all the information released on Crysis 2 and much more.

Content: Crysis Monthly Update – June 2009
  • FFA Tournament Roundup
  • Crysis 2 Announced
  • Crysis 2 Picks up award at E3 2009
  • This Month's Inside Crytek Articles
  • Community Corner
  • Whats to come?
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FFA Tournament Roundup
We start this month's Community update with a look back over the recent MyCrysis FFA Tournament which despite a few issues turned out to be a resounding success.


The MyCrysis Instant Action Tournament has finished and now it is time to award the winners with their prizes. In this post you will be able to find a full list of prize winners and what exactly they have earned themselves. If you did not win a prize yourself this time around do not worry, there will be more competitions and events being organized through so just check back in the future for updates.

Winners and Prizes
Here you can find a full list of the winners and their prizes, details of how to collect these prizes will be sent via PM.

1st place - GeForce GTX 280 & Crytek Merchandise

GeForce GTX 280, Crysis Wars T-Shirt, Crysis Warhead Mousepad, Crytek Wristband

2nd place - Official Crytek Merchandise

Crysis Wars T-Shirt, Crysis Warhead Mousepad, Crytek Shoulder Bag, Crytek Wrist Band

3rd place - Official Crytek Merchandise

Crysis Wars T-Shirt, Crysis Warhead Mousepad, Crysis Lanyard

4th place - Official Crytek Merchandise

Crysis Wars T-Shirt, Crysis Lanyard

5th place - Official Crysis Wars T-Shirt

Crysis Wars T-Shirt

Group Winners - Official Crysis Wars T-Shirt

VIKI, Wacked, CryTurkiye-Kratos, Kayden, Kbi, IGZ`Diko, Sup^Pan!Xx, Sup^R4rgh, sAng9.EkP, [GE]Scofield, Sup^RuipereZ, Mr.No, XeS-FR`Knight, [760r]Laz0r, DI.Crowfire!Lc.
Crysis Wars T-Shirt

Group Results
This is a full list of the forum threads where the group results can be found, the two qualifying players from each group can be found next to the thread.

Tournament Semi Final Group A [ 1st. [760r]Laz0r 2nd. Sup^RuipereZ 3rd. =C2A.Str1k3r.= 4th. =MoN=DarthRevan 5th. CryTurkiye-Kratos ]
Tournament Semi Final Group B [ 1st. DI.Crowfire!Lc 2nd. Kayden 3rd. PrOpAnE^ 4th. CryTurkiye-Awakening 5th. Kbi ]

Tournament Group A [ 1st. VIKI 2nd. [PGN]-Atro- ]
Tournament Group B [ 1st. Wacked 2nd. =MoN=Numb87 ]
Tournament Group C [ 1st. CryTurkiye-Kratos 2nd. Budeniy_na_kone ]
Tournament Group D [ 1st. Kayden 2nd. CryTurkiye-assassin ]
Tournament Group E [ 1st. Kbi 2nd. [760r]Laz0r ]
Tournament Group F [ 1st. IGZ`Diko 2nd. VictorY23 ]
Tournament Group G [ 1st. Sup^Pan!Xx 2nd. DI.Crowfire!Lc ]
Tournament Group H [ 1st. Sup^R4rgh 2nd. S0MBRA ]
Tournament Group I [ 1st. sAng9.EkP 2nd. =MoN=DarthRevan ]
Tournament Group J [ 1st. [GE]Scofield 2nd. Xeon1999 ]
Tournament Group K [ 1st. Sup^RuipereZ 2nd. -GFE-Quaterno ]
Tournament Group L [ 1st. Mr.No 2nd. CryTurkiye^pako^ ]
Tournament Group M [ 1st. XeS-FR`Knight 2nd. PrOpAnE^ ]

Thank you to everyone that took part in the tournament, there was a lot of positive feedack about the event which means we will look into running something similar in the future. If you want to share your opinion or ideas the head over to the forums and let us know!

- MyCrysis Team