Crysis Wars EX Update #3

Welcome to the “Crysis Wars EX Update #3”, the regular report about the latest changes and additions in the world of Crysis Wars EX. We have several categories in each update and we hope to get some input from you, the community, to know exactly what you want to read in these updates. In the third update we have a big announcement to make and we will introduce you to some more specific features of this modification.

- Crysis Wars EX goes ESL
- Competitive Features revealed
- EX Maps: Deadend
- Meet the Team: Nerv3

Crysis Wars EX goes ESL

Today we can proudly announce our partnership with the ESL Crysis Wars section. Since weeks we are preparing Crysis Wars EX to be the perfect solution for all competitive players that play the game against other players in different competitions. Finally we can announce that the usage of Crysis Wars EX will be mandatory in ever Crysis Wars ladder from July 24th on. We also have a statement today from r4rgh, the European Master League Admin about this decision:

“Crysis Wars EX brings many modifications and game balance fixes that perfectly match the ESL players' wishes. The ESL Crysis Wars section welcomes with open arms this modification, which will become mandatory from July 24th on.

We are really looking forward to the numerous improvements and new contents Crysis Wars EX will bring. Be sure we, at the ESL, will fully support this mod in the form of ladder and cups!”


Competitive Features revealed

In the last two updates we revealed several new features of Crysis Wars EX that were mainly addressing general issues. This week we focus on features for hardcore and competitive players.

Improvement: Disabled most console commands that can be used to tweak the game and adjust it to gain an advantage. Tweaking and adjusting settings is still possible with the use of the in-game options menu.

Improvement: Added server side console command to set all players to the same graphic settings (LowSpec).

Improvement: Addition of own GUID system as preparation for own Global Ban System.

Improvement: Added console commands to bind Loadouts to keys in Power Struggle game mode.

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EX Maps: Deadend (Power Struggle)

Deadend is the first new map that gets introduced with Crysis Wars EX and was created by Nerv3, the Lead Level Designer at OMG!

 Deadend is a small level with a target size of 6 – 16 players. If features a more or less symmetrical layout with two bunkers on top of the hills and two Crash Sites placed behind and in front of the Prototype Factory.



Meet the OMG! Team: Nerv3

Welcome in the “Meet the OMG Team” section where we will introduce you to the different members of the Online Modding Group. It is always exciting to know more about the people that work on something you play and therefore we thought it might be a good addition to our regular updates. This week we will introduce you to Nerv3, one of our Lead Level Designers for Crysis Wars EX.

Hello, my name is Fabian “Nerv3” Rückert and I live in Germany. I am working for Crysis Wars EX as Lead Level Designer. My job is to control the quality of the work of the other Level Designers as well as working on the PS map “Deadend” which is featured in today’s news update. I started my career with modding and level designing for Battlefield 2 and TES4:Oblivion. Since the release of Crysis in November 2007 I continuously use the Sandbox 2 editor, i.e. for more than 1 ½ years now. Within that time I developed amongst other things my successful map Operation Neodym which won three prizes at the ICMC. I joined OMG! to get new experiences of working in a team instead of working alone, which turned out to be really interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing what the community will make of the first version of Crysis Wars Ex.

This was the third Crysis Wars EX Update. We hope you all enjoyed reading it and will try out Crysis Wars EX as soon as it gets released. Next week’s update will be all about statistics. So stay tuned and have a good week.

Cheers, Sven “c4Te” Metzger