Crysis Wars Extended - Update #2

Content: Crysis Wars EX Update #1

· Version 1.0 – More features revealed
· EX Maps: Plantation, Refinery and others
· Meet the Team: TBD

Version 1.0 – More features revealed!
Last week we revealed the first features of Crysis Wars EX. We want to continue in this update and reveal most of the other features. Some special ones will be mentioned in the next updates. As a side note we want to mention that all server side features can be administrated using console commands to enable and disable the features on the fly without the need to adjust external files and restart the server.

· Improvement: Addition of Server Side option to allow name changing
· Improvement: Added High Ping kick option for server administrators
· Improvement: Added alternative way to show the player ingame icons
· Improvement: Addition of Server Side option to rename Nomads to alternative names
· Fixed: SDK issue with the localized text not being able to be loaded from the localized folder
· Fixed: bug with explosions not showing up
· Fixed: issue with not being able to kill sleeping enemies
· Fixed: issue with laser dot not being visible on all surfaces
· Balance: Slowed down the Light TAC Tank
· Balance: Decreased melee damage to a value between Patch 1.4 and Patch 1.5
· Balance: Resized 3D objectives icons in Power Struggle
· Balance: Reworked the balance of the Hurricane to make the weapon more effective as defending weapon
· Balance: Raised Switching Speed of all weapons

Information & FPS commands

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In addition to new features and improvements on the code side of the game we also reworked several existing maps from Crytek to achieve a better balance for competitive gaming. They will not replace the original maps and will have a different name.

·         Added third entrance to the Prototype Factory
·         Added the tunnel system of Plantation (Crysis) back to the map
·         Fixed some small graphical issues
·         Both Alien Energy Sites have been moved some meters


Added more cover for players on their way from the outside bunker to the Prototype Factory
Removed some background vegetation to gain a better performance

Added third entrance to the Prototype Factory

Fixed exploit (invisible solids floating in the air)
Removed small blocking objects at the North American base


Meet the OMG! Team: TheBlackDead
Welcome in the “Meet the OMG Team” section where we will introduce you to the different members of the Online Modding Group. It is always exciting to know more about the people that work on something you play and therefore we thought it might be a good addition to our regular updates. After starting last update with Vert-X we will continue with our Lead Programmer TheBlackDead.

 Hello, my name is Simone “TheBlackDead” Angeloni. I am 23 years old and I live in Rome, Italy. I am working for this project as Lead Programmer, what means that I’m developing our core system in C++ and LUA languages, building our custom .dll file used to run everything included in CrysisWars EX. Coordinating the tasks of our programmer team is one of my other tasks. I am controlling their work and debug it until I don´t find any issue anymore. I work in C and C++ till 8 years and I  should say that I am a good programmer, but I prefer let the others judge this. This is by the way the first time that I am working at such a big project to rebuild or improve parts of a videogame. It is a very interesting job which improved my C++ skill quite a lot. I am looking forward to see our first version released and used by all of you.


Sniper Scope by Vert-X

This was the second Crysis Wars EX Update. We hope you all enjoyed reading it and will try out Crysis Wars EX as soon as it gets released. In the next update we have a big announcement to make so stay tuned and have a good week.

Cheers,Sven “c4Te” Metzger