Crysis Wars Extended - Update #1

Crysis Wars Extended Modification
Welcome to the “Crysis Wars EX Update #1”, the regular report about the latest changes and additions in the world of Crysis Wars EX. We have several categories in each update and we hope to get some input from you, the community, to know exactly what you want to read in these updates. In the first update we want to introduce you to our project Crysis Wars EX and the Online Modding Group.

Content: Crysis Wars EX Update #1
  • Crysis Wars EX?
  • Version 1.0 – Let´s get it started!
  • Meet the Team: Patrick "Vert-X" Laferl
  • Community centered development!
Crysis Wars EX?
This is the first time you hear about Crysis Wars EX? Then let me introduce you to the world of EX. It all started in a small forum where people from the community founded the Online Modding Group. During the next weeks they were working on schedules and feature lists to define the clear content of the project and ended up with 5 pages full of features and improvements and some weeks later the project got the name CRYSIS WARS EX(TENDED).
EX describes everything we do in one word. Our goal is to deliver more content to the community and improve the game together with all of you to make it a great Multiplayer experience.

Version 1.0 – Let´s get it started!
We are starting with the first version pretty soon. Of course we will keep improving the game after the release of 1.0 and will add new features to it.
In the first update we want to introduce you to several improvements we were working on for the last weeks. Over time we will reveal more information on the first version.
  • Improvement: Server Side Option to enable/disable Walljump
  • Improvement: Addition of command to enable/disable the Hit Indicator
  • Improvement: Addition of new console command to compare server and client Protect.xml file
  • Improvement: Added new command to show FPS (without the other information from r_displayinfo)
  • Improvement: Added new console command to show player information (mod version, ping, map name…)
  • Improvement: Added console commands to set different item restrictions for each game mode
  • Fixed: Misplaced AY-69 Silencer in 3rd person
  • Fixed: Map Exploit on Refinery
  • Fixed: Two different issues with changing map on the server
  • Fixed: Bug with raising weapon
  • Balance: FY-71 Game Balance changes to be more equal to the SCAR
  • Addition: Replaced old Sniper Scope with a new Sniper Scope
  • Addition: Added small visual changes to the Hurricane

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Welcome in the “Meet the OMG Team” section where we will introduce you to the different members of the Online Modding Group. It is always exciting to know more about the people that work on something you play and therefore we thought it might be a good addition to our regular updates. This week we start with our Lead Artist Patrick "Vert-X" Laferl:

Hello fellow modders, My name is Patrick "Vert-X" Laferl and I live in Austria. I am leading the Art Department of OMG! which keeps me pretty busy. My job is to model all kinds of assets and control the quality of the other artist´s work. My weapon of choice is 3DS Max which I am using for approximately 4 years now and I would describe myself as a good modeler. Of course I want to do something useful with my skills and that is one of the reasons why I joined OMG! Improving a game is a great experience and I am happy to work and do progress with my teammates. My current work, a whole-new weapon for Crysis Wars EX, demonstrates how well we work together. We are a friendly bunch of modders, that makes modding great fun and I am looking forward to our MOD.

Community centered development
This is a project from the community for the community. Therefore we require your support. There are actually several ways to help us developing such a project so please take some time and think about it. Every helping hand is much appreciated.
  • Join the Team
    You have time to work on the project and you think you are skilled enough to join our team then don´t hesitate and contact us. We are always looking for talented people from the community that want help us. Visit our Crymod Mod DB Profile.
  • Contribute
    You have created something that might be interesting for our project and you want to share it with the rest of the community ? Then contact us and we will add it to the project if it brings us closer to the goal to improve the current game
  • Feedback
    Your feedback is very valuable for us. Therefore post as much as you can. What features do you want to see in this modification or what is maybe already in the modification but should be removed immediately. Please use this thread to provide feedback until our new homepage is released.
This was the first Crysis Wars EX Update. I hope you are excited like we about this new project. Comments and Feedback regarding the update is much appreciated and will help us to improve our service for you. Also I would agree that we lack screenshots and videos but I promise that we will improve the next time.

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Cheers... Sven “c4Te” Metzger