Cevat Yerli spricht über Crysis 2

Die E3 2009 ist noch nicht ganz beendet. Außerhalb der Pressekonferenzen werden nun noch Interviews geführt, Spiele gezeigt und Bekanntschaften unter den Entwicklern geknüpft.

Auch Cevat Yerli hat in San Francisco ein Interview auf der E3 2009 gegeben. Dies stamm von den Kollegen von Developmag.com.

Hier ein Ausschnitt aus dem Interview (Englisch):

Many have said that the CryEngine 3’s capabilities will be able to fully utilise PS3 hardware. Is this true, and do you feel Crysis 2 will be able to explicitly show a difference in hardware power between PS3, PC and Xbox 360?
I believe with Crysis 2 both the PS3 and 360 versions of the game will perform to their limits, until there is no more water in the rock.
As for difference, between Consoles and PC I see a difference. The PC version will outscale and outperform the consoles, between each console I believe the experience will be finally both next-generation, but similar experience.
Our goal is not to look at it like PC versus 360 versus PS3. Our Crysis 2 team has a clear goal: make the most awesome, innovative, kick ass PC, 360 and PS3 shooter. Being best on each will put Crysis 2 in its place as the best FPS in general.

When did production on Crysis 2 begin? How are you splitting your team in regards to console and PC production?
We started development pre-production about 2 years ago, just around the finishing period of Crysis 1. There is no split between a dedicated PC and console staff, we work simultaneously on all platforms and then there are some dedicated people on each.
In total, the staff of Crysis 2 reaches 150 and this is not counting freelancers, contractor and within Crytek people that support the project.

Crysis-HQ note: Many thanks to our colleagues of inCrysis.com for the advice.

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