Crysis Monthly Update #13 - May 2009

Welcome to the “Crysis Monthly Update #13", the monthly report for our world-wide community. This month we take a look back at a few articles posted throughout May. These include an explosive update to one of the community's most talked about Mod teams - Casus Belli, the 1.5 Source Code release, a "Scenes from a Movie" piece, an Inside Crytek article from Astrid Castle, the release of Crysis: Maximum Edition and the IA FreeForAll Tournament run up with the results being posted after this Monthly Update goes live.

Content: Crysis Monthly Update – May 2009
  • Casus Belli
  • 1.5 Source Code Release
  • IA FFA Tournament
  • Scenes from a movie
  • Inside Crytek - Astrid Castle
  • Crysis Maximum Edition
  • What’s to come?
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