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Welcome to the fourth and fifth weekly updates for April/May of 2009, created by the team of the Crysis total conversion modification Mechwarrior: Living Legends. Today we're having a special combined news of these weekly updates for a double edition of our regular news posts to show you, the community, exactly what the team have been working on. April has come to an end and the team yet again has interesting progress to report. In today's update we're presenting to you the four variants of the Bushwacker you'll be able to use in MWLL's first release, a status update on the SA_Marshes map and definitely one of the best playtest impressions ever. The first week of May was a busy one that has taken the development process ahead more than one big step. "Big" is an attribute that certainly suits the two Mechs presented in this update as well: the Mad Cat/Timberwolf and Mad Cat Mk II are eager to prove that the Clans were not intimidated by the Inner Sphere's display of power in the past weeks. Friends come and friends go, in this case it's definitely an improvement: a new Mech hangar is replacing the old one. Closing this update as usual is a collection of screenshots from our weekly playtests.

Four Variants: Inner Sphere Bushwacker
Unlike last update's two featured Mechs - the Owens and the Awesome - the Inner Sphere's Bushwacker is still waiting for his shiny new clothes to arrive. However, it is in game already and the screenshot below introduces to you the four versions currently implemented.

Progress: SA_Marshes
The Solaris Arena swamp-style map SA_Marshes has experienced major improvements since the last screenshots. Its creator -OM-Sanyassi spent a lot of time on the airfield which is more and more turning out to be the real hot combat zone in this foggy, steamy place. Check out the panorama impressions below!

While we're talking about maps for the Solaris Arena game mode, we'd like to draw your attention to the public poll they're currently running on their forums. They'd like to know which SolarisArena map you are most looking forward to?

Playtest Impressions: April Week #4
Here are a few pictures from this week's playtest, showing off the mechs in action in various environments.

Four Variants: Clan Mad Cat / Timberwolf and Mad Cat Mk II

At this point, the team have been showing you quite a bit of the Inner Sphere's war machinery lately. This week, however, it's time for the Clans to bring on some firepower. The Mad Cat aka Timberwolf and its "big brother", the Mad Cat Mark II, with their respective four variants are being shown on the screenshots below.

New Asset and Key Location: Mech Hangar
The mech hangar has been one of the very first assets in MechWarrior: Living Legends. Our artist Andy spent quite an amount of time on modeling and texturing the fantastic new Mech hangar that you can see on the screenshot below. The team have decided to simply tease you with this little "before and after" comparison below and and present the complete hangar in a little video in one of the next updates.

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