Crysis Wars Patch 1.5 is coming

It's almost time for another patch, we've included some fixes that should really improve stability and remove the known exploits, there is also various updates which will be noticible in-game and improve game balance. In addition to this we also have a new map release! You will be able to find some screenshots below but for full information you will need to wait until nearer the time.

New Map
In this patch we will also be introuducing our new map Ruins. Ruins is set in a church ruins environment where players are able to do combat both inside and outside the ruins. More information will be released in the future but for now we have four new screenshots available for you.

In our next patch we will be including all of the regular updates you would expect, and our new map Ruins. More information about both of these will be available soon!

- MyCrysis Team

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