SandBox Editor HANDBOOK 1.1 -ENGLISH-

SandBox Editor HANDBOOK 1.1 -ENGLISH-

Overworked Handbook with 180 pages for the "SandBox (tm)" Editor in PDF-Format. The following sections are included:
- Map Creation
-Artificial Intelligence
-Internal Areas
-Multiplayer Maps
-Single Player Missions
-Cut Scene Editor

UPDATED in 1.1:
-Updated objects (dynamic light, raising water, particle spray, all pick ups); Appendix B.
-Updated AI anchor jobs list; Appendix C.
-Updated light types heading, and dynamic light table; Appendix E.
-Removed step 12 and updated step 8, first walkthrough, Chapter 1.
-Corrected explanation of position saving by switching "control" and "shift"; Navigation section, page iv.
-Corrected "shift" and "control" errors in Steps 1 of Chapter 7's walkthrough, and steps 3 and 6 of Chapter 2's walkthrough.
-Added Layer Painter section, Chapter 1
-Updated numerous jpeg images to bitmaps to improve visual quality

You can download the SandBox Editor HANDBOOK 1.1 -ENGLISH-, here: SandBox Editor Handbook Version 1.1

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