Wolcen: LoM Update 0.1.7

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"SolarFall Games" hat das Update auf Version 0.1.7 für "Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem" veröffentlicht. Es gibt unter anderem 13 neue Skills und eine neue "dodge-roll" Mechanik.


Betroffene Bereiche des Updates:
- Generelles
- Umgebung
- UI (Benutzerinterface)
- Audio
- Charaktere
- KI
- Effekte
- Gameplay


Die kompletten Änderungen könnt ihr einsehen, wenn ihr auf die "Read more" Schaltfläche klickt.


"Forumthread" @ Crytek-HQ.com


New: (Game changing) Dodge system: Press the space bar to perform a quick escape move. It costs 5 stamina points, available per default.
New: 13 new Skills New/Fix: Magic effects for weapons and armor are now generated as normal adding a lot of new items modifiers in the game
New: Added a minimap arrow pointing to the current quest Objective (gold for main quest, silver for secondary quest)
New: Added a small animation for newly equipped items in the Equipped Slot of the Inventory
Fixed: graphical options are now saved (low effect mode, SVOTI, and distant depth of field)
Fixed: Camera rotation issue
Fixed: Camera stuttering – The player acceleration has been increased while the basic inertia stays smooth
Fixed: Dual Wielded weapons were not correctly restored when loading a characters
Fixed: Several crashes involving Orc skills Improve: the random generated dungeons are now less subject to invisible walls, we are working on a full solution.
Modified: The max camera distance has been increased by 10%


Fixed: Various missing localization (@ui_something)
Fixed: Dialog Box border removed
Improved: Active Skills UI: Tooltip on Power and Utility
Improved: Top screen health bar design
Improved: Passive Skill Panel looks decent now
Modified: Text font for each UI panels
Modified: Close button is now similar in each main UI windows


Fixed: Unending night in the open World Modified: new lighting for the Character Selection
Fixed: remove the player chest in the dungeons
Modified : Reduced the number of bandits and outlaws spawns


Modified: Replaced the (annoying) sound when you learn a spell
Fixed: Some sounds were ignoring the Volume parameters


New: Level of Details of “Ogre”.
New: Level of Details of “Pythus”.
New: Level of Details for “Old Zombie”.
New: Level of Details for “Champion Orc”.
Improved: Burn particle for Pithus based models and skeleton models
Improved: Driller model has new detailed texture (but the Improve: Eye shader for the player


Modified: NightStalkers no longer chase the player. However, they will teleport and attack if the player comes too close
Improved: Fluid movement for Infernal Dogs


New: Default dodge animation for one handed and two handed poses
New: Idle animation for NightStalker
Improved: Dual wielding movement animations
Improved: Dual wielding right attack animation
Modified: Ghoul animations


New: Two handed Glass Hammer (looking really good :))
Improved: Effect of used Rage Globe on Player
Improved: Explosion and trail of the Fire Rain Skill
Improved: Effect of Charger Orc


New Skills: Each of these skills can be looted on enemies. Each skills has various chances to be found.
List of new skills:
Umbra Ray: Cast multiple magic rays to nearby enemies. Only works if enemy are present
Blizzard: A small blizzard will damage and snare affected enemies
Chain Lightning: Lightning strikes several targets, bounding from one to another
Deep Strike: Strike a group of enemies by teleporting on them. You will have a chance to stun them on landing.
Lightning Bolt: Combo spells striking fast moving projectile all around
Magnetic Strike: A fast casted, localized, lightning explosion
Bloodbath: Enemies can no longer target you, and you steal health of the enemies nearby
Force Shield: Provide you a chance to drop incoming attack or projectile
Mass Frenzy: Enemies start to attack each other
Ground Stomp: Stun all enemies nearby
Umbral Bomb: A powerful explosion after a long delay in a localized area
War Cry: Increase you armor and rage rating during a limited amount of time Absorption Shield: Absorb incoming damage and make projectile bounce (can possibly strike enemies nearby)