tMOD Mutiplayer MOD Release

The mod is all about adding replay value to the Far Cry multiplayer game. In an effort to restore the mp community, tmod was created. Tmod adds many new weapons, vehicles, firemodes, firing sounds, a few new textures (nothing unrealistic) many new entities that expand the multiplayer experience including an entity that makes physics work, and possibly dynamic physicalised weapons in multiplayer.

* 10 additional weapons to Multiplayer Mode, such as, Benelli M3, Dual MP7's and Pump-action shotgun
* 3 additional vehciles to Multiplayer Mode (Azimut68, Mercedes and SpeedDevil)
* Includes Entity Expansion packs up to 2.1
* Multiplayer Physics
* Button to toggle screenshot mode
* control for HDR in video options
* 64-bit ecu content added (works with 32-bit )

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