Singleplayer Map Matto 4 is done!

Unbelieveable but true - the most expected singleplayer modification for Far Cry "Matto 4" has been finished! After 1 year, 7 months and 4 days of development the MattoMedia team finally can say they're done with the work. With its average gametime of at least 4 hours this project is more an addon to Far Cry than just a normal mod.

Guns, lots of guns
Of course the mod includes a whole new armory. Next to the standard weaponry of Far Cry you can use following in Matto 4:

- P99
: without silencer, typical beginner weapon but very effective
- M3 Pumpgun: 'nuff said :) 
- Steyr Aug: Replacement for the M4, includes a scope 
- Dual MP7: Highest fire rate and penetrating power, long reload time 
- Another secret one: Find out on your own ;) 

Additional features

Matto 4 wouldn't be Matto 4 if it wouldn't include lots of new funny features. The guys did a great work and implemented lots of great new features which are:

- Gasbottles
(known from the trailer
- Fire extinguisher (explosion deals damage, white powder coming out provides cover for a short amount of time) 
- Mattress with dead body physics (believe it or not...) 
- English voice output including subtitles 
- Many new team mates appearing during the game 
- Countless new objects and textures 

Even more facts

For all those who are not tired of all the new stuff here some naked data:

- The overall length of the ingame dialogs is about 16 minutes 
- The cutscenes are about 11 minutes in total 
- The installer is about 360MB in size

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