Release: eXcaliTrone v3 BETA RC1 Server & Client

Finally it is done! The higly anticipated Multiplayer SSM (Server Side Mod) "eXcaliTrone v3 BETA RC1" is available for download. Like the name already says this is only a beta version. Meaning, all features are included and do work, but it is still being worked on a final version. Within the last few months the eXcaliTrone dev team has done a great work and created something really amazing. Next to a simplified server administration numerous new features have been added for the multiplayer part of Far Cry. They vary from an automatic map downloader to even multiplayer physics which many thought were not possible at all. Even a complete new game mode including lots of maps has been created and was implemented.

XTv3 consists of one part for servers (SSM) and of one part for players (clients). Only in this combination it is possible to use all the features this tool has to offer. Since the current installation is not done automatically it is absolutely necessary to read and follow the installation guidelines to the respective part (SSM and/or client). To give you an overview of the features you can expect from XTv3 here a complete list:

Feature List:
  • All functions from XTv2
  • User Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Automatic Map Updater
  • New Gametype Capture the Flag (CTF)
  • XT Maps (Allows you to add custom made entities to your map without the neccessity of starting it as a mod)
  • Multiplayer Physics
  • Gameplay and Weapon balance (Best of 1.33, 1.4 and community feedback)
  • Many Bug Fixes!

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