eXcaliTrone v3.0: The new Far Cry Multiplayer hope?

Source: CryMod.com
As speaking of news about the projects from Reptile Entertainment, the development team (including Shilka members) released a huge information and media footage package about their multiplayer mod "eXcaliTrone v3.0". Many admins of you may know eXcaliTrone already and have used the former version 2.0. Based on the community reaction on Patch 1.4 for Far Cry the team is anxious to offer an alternative that re-unites the gaming community and takes the Far Cry gameplay to a next level. 

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Overall the mod will introduce many new features (e.g. MP physics), improve lots of old features and functions and even fix a couple of bugs. But enough talking about this - see yourself what this very promising project has to offer... just cliock on the "READ MORE" link!

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  • Map Updater
    This has been taken to the next level. As well as being able to download maps from the game menu, the following functions are added:
    - Try to join a server but dont have the map? Map is downloaded and you can rejoin the server
    - Playing on a server and you dont have the next map? Map is downloaded and you can chose to rejoin the server.
  • Admin Panel
    Taking the best from XT2 and Patch 1.4
  • User panel
    Again, taking the best from XT2 and Patch 1.4, the user panel has been revised and made more intuitive.
  • New Game-Type: Capture the Flag (CTF)
    Capture the Flag is introduced as a full Game mode - A new mode, with a style of its own, the Capture The Flag mode combines the best aspects of TDM and Assault. XTv3 will be released with a CTF template to help mappers get up and running.
  • Gameplay and weapons Balance
    So hotley debated with the release of 1.4 XTv3 will take the best of 1.33 and 1.4 then from community feedback fine tune performance to provide a game that fans of both will love.
  • Custom Vehicles in XT Maps
    With eXcaliTrone V3 the power is put back in the hands of the Mapper and Modder with a new horizon of capabilities.
    It is now possible to play a modified version of farcry without having to load another mod. XT makes vehicles come to life for any custom vehicle available or one you wish to make yourself by simply placing it in the map folder.

    Video: Link1 or
  • " target=_blank>Link2 (This video shows what can be achived without objects.paks and 100% Punkbuster friendly, on XT servers.)
  • Multiplayer physics
    eXcaliTrone V3 will include the physicalisation of objects in the Multiplayer game. What does that mean?
    Objects, other than the players and vehicles are able to move in the map, whether you push, shoot or grenade them, they will react in a realistic way.

    Video: MP Physics Techdemo & Attack of the Killer Mushrooms

    The Server Side Mod (SSM) aspect of Patch 1.4
    The 1.4 SSM is expanded to include Stats and Kills output amd various other configuration
  • FarCry Bug fixes
    If it wasnt fixed in 1.4 we will try and fix it in XT:
    - BinoBug
    - NadeBug
    - No Recoil
    - CD Key In Use (Main Cause eliminated by Map Download function)