New Singleplayer MOD in development

There is a new small mod for Far Cry in development by >Lek][Revan. Working title is "Under Cover of Night" and it will be singleplayer only. Originally planned as a test area for new weaponry he soon figured out the potential of his test level and turned it into a mod. The story is explained in a short: Krieger Corp. has set up a little outpost which acts as a harbor somewhere in the middle of the ocean, far far away from the nearest island. When things on Cabatu went into the final stage and Jack is doing his job, the CIA is sending in one of the best Navy SEAL's they have to infiltrate the facility - you! Next to the well known standard enemies of Far Cry (except mutants) it is planned to have few cool scripted events as well. As you play a Navy SEAL you need to have the perfect stealth weaponry which will be the MP5 Navy and the silenced P8. Release is planned as soon as the work on the mod is finished.

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