New Multiplayer Footage

For all multiplayer fans there are two new and very interesting maps available which are definitely worth a download. The first is "mp_2v2_Matto" from C4Te. In cooperation with MattoMedia this 2v2 Assault map has been created. With its few new objects, the very good level design and the well known Matto flair this map is an eye-catcher! All Matto and MP fans should get the 16MB sized map.

The other multiplayer map has been created by spaceshoshi and is called "MP_Lenin". This map is held in a great looking urban style and you should have at least 10 more people to play it. New buildings and a very nice level design turn the 35MB sized map into a must-have. Originally created for the H.A.R.D. mod the map has been re-worked and a TDM map has been made out of it. Version 2.0 is in progress already which should include an additional train station.

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