Far Cry: Sports MOD almost done

Source: CryMod.com
The nearly forgotten "Far Cry: Sports Mod" celebrates its comeback. Since CryForce Productions took over the development a lot has happened. Based on official information the mod should be released within the next 4 weeks. If you see the status on the homepage this deadline sounds possible. So far a manual gear change has been implemented that increases the driving experience. The latest feature is the reset-function which resets a vehicle to the last checkpoint, just like in the good old racing games. Also the first pickup weapon has been finished. It is an oil-slick removing the grip from a vehicle when driving through it. Planned are more pickups like electromines, a tornado and two additional pickup weapons. In the media section of the homepage you can find nice ingame videos of the two already finished features. We are looking forward to have some hot races :).

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