Assault Coop Mod v1.0 released

After three demo versions Flameknight7 managed to finalize his "Assault Coop Mod v1.0". As the name already tells you, this mod offers cooperation with and against AI on Assault Maps. You fight for the Flags on 5 coop maps together with your friends in LAN and online. A whole listing of features of the 100MB sized mod can be found further below. A patch is already in development, which will fix some bugs and includes a map pack as well. If you want to create your own assault coop map you should have a look at the readme since it includes all necessary information. To install the mod just extract the "ASSAULT_COOP" folder from the .zip file into your FarCryMods folder.

Feature list:
  • continous spawning enabled!
  • corpse time set to 30 and it is enabled in multiplayer (that means no lags!)
  • co-op game play
  • some new entities for co-op map makers
  • will include the Entity Xpansion Pack 2.0 by Aarbro for better co-op
  • gameplay styles
  • new models
  • new player skins
  • new weapons
  • new sounds
  • new weapon skins
  • Five co-op levels!
  • online gameplay

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