Major upgrade: Takaro's CryImporter v1.2 released

A very nice major upgrade happened to "Takaro's CryImporter" which now has been released in version 1.2. Created by Takaro he did a lot of bugfixing which makes the importer a lot more useful. From now on only 3D Studio Max 7 or higher are supported due to a new extension tool that was required for the bug fixing which needs version 7 minimum. Further below you can find a complete change log of the 200KB sized installer. Constructive criticism and feedback are welcome as usual!

Change log:
  • Bone mesh chunks are now handled properly, with separate physics skeleton being created and correct bone materials being applied to primary skeleton
  • Bone physics parameters (degrees of freedom, angle limits, etc.) are now applied to separate physics skeleton
  • Changed handling of facial animations, so that each duplicate character mesh now only has the head visible, and they are now lined up next to each other similar to the merc_scout.max file in the SDK
  • Fixed a few material parameters (Specular Level, Glossiness, Self-Illumination) so that they get applied properly now
  • Fixed a problem with normal maps being imported and assigned as detail maps, resulting in incorrect models being exported out
  • Improved addition of materials to material editor so now standard materials that don't use Crytek Shader but have names like "arm/mat_arm" won't get overwritten
  • Now user defined properties for objects in node chunks and bone anim chunks get added to the objects in the scene
  • Scene props are now imported correctly and added to the scene

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