Total Conversion Demo Release: Son of the Crusades

Appearing out of nowhere the Deltahak development team churned up the whole community with their Total Conversion for Far Cry called "Son of the Crusades". Set in the medieval age somewhere in Arabia the singleplayer story will begin in 1181. You are playing Kaseem, a boy left alone who learned the arabian school of fighting from a stranger who picked him up. Once being an expert in martial arts Kaseem turns into a thief that executes several orders. In the demo level you get an assignment where you have to steal an objective in a cave. In the level you will stand face to face with bandits armed with swords and crossbows which are your weapons as well.

The demo is available in two versions: The Lite Edition with 28MB that just includes the core files to run the mod. And the Collectors Edition with 285MB that also includes lots of media files e.g. as ingame screenshots, images from the production and the highres trailer they already released. Being a examn project of the group the final story will enhance much more and also many other features and assets are making it ingame. So far you should definitely give this mod a try since it brings a whole new gameplay feeling to Far Cry :)

Note: On installing the game some files (.bat files to run the mod and the menu system in html/java format) are getting installed into your bin32 folder. This might affect your online gaming since punkbuster checks the bin32 folder. If you uninstall the mod before playing online you are on the safe side since all these files are getting deleted properly.

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- download "SotC Collectors Edition"
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