Far Cry 2on2 Tournament Map Pack v1.1

Source: CryMod.com
The new ESL 2on2 Assault league is going at full speed which lead the whole team to fix some bugs that appeared and release the "2on2 Tournament Map Pack v1.1". Next to bug fixing also the gameplay of some maps has been greatly improved. As bonus 5 brandnew 2on2 maps are included as well to increase the variety on matches! In case you have v1.0 installed on your machine just install the 140MB sized map pack over with - all maps are getting replaced and updated automatically. Rock on!

As a request of the Tournament-Team we are asking you, the community, to be a part of the next Tournament Map Pack and contribute at least one tournament suitable map. Time frame is 4 weeks which means the deadline is 30th of June. Some easy guidlines you should consider when creating a map:
  • Only Assault and TDM maps are considered
  • Main focus on gameplay
  • Assault: good playability for 5on5 teams
  • TDM: good playability for 1on1 to 3on3 teams
  • Authentic overall level design
You can either contribute an Assault or TDM map. Assault should be focused on 5on5 and TDM should vary from 1on1 to 3on3. Currently we are especially looking for cool and action loaded TDM maps. Please send your maps to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! with a short description. We will test all maps and give feedback. Have fun creating maps - we are looking forward to receive some pretty awesome contributions :)

Following maps are included in 2on2 Pack v1.1:

  • mp_2v2_archive (by St!nger)
  • mp_2v2_avp (by c4Te)
  • mp_2v2_battlefield (by c4Te)
  • mp_2v2_buddha (by c4Te)
  • mp_2v2_cliffside (by c4Te)
  • mp_2v2_dune (by c4Te)
  • mp_2v2_fragarena (by St!nger)
  • mp_2v2_humanstructure (by c4Te) *new since 1.1*
  • mp_2v2_island (by Ace)
  • mp_2v2_mangoriver (by c4Te) *new since 1.1*
  • mp_2v2_roadfieldassault_v2 (by No9) *new since 1.1*
  • mp_2v2_surfassault_v2 (by No9) *new since 1.1*
  • mp_2v2_toon (by c4Te)
  • mp_2v2_urban_v1 (by c4Te)
  • mp_2v2_urban_v2 (by c4Te)
  • mp_2v2_warhead (by c4Te) *new since 1.1*
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