ProjectX v4.4 footage
After a short break during the E3 week we are back with lots of news for you. :) For quite some time already DocSEAL's eye-candy and weapon balancing mod "ProjectX 4.4" is in development and is slowly but surely drawing to an end. Not only singleplayer but also multiplayer gets updated. What exactly has been added can be found in the feature list further below. Release will be right after patch 1.4 for Far Cry is available to guarantee an optimized compatibility. To shorten the time of waiting, a very nice but 322MB sized ingame video has been released showing the nice graphics, the new effects and features.

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- ProjectX homepage Feature list:
  • For SP & MP:
    • Advanced texturing
    • Added weapons
    • New special effects
    • Sound spacialization
    • Enhanced HUD
    • Physicalized weapons/objects
    • New weapon skins/sounds
    • Melee combat
  • For SP:
    • Enhanced AI scripting
    • The CryEffect - a bullet time mode
    • Weapon fire modes specific to S
  • For MP:
    • Class attribute changes to armor/health and loadouts to bring balance
    • New server browser list with filters
    • New server admin panel allowing on the fly server admin
    • New TK punish forgive system
    • New GUI voting panels
    • Server/client optimizations to reduce lag
    • Weapon attributes and firing mechanisms changed to bring balance to MP gameplay
    • Decreased load on PB via C++ changes
    • A dedicated map team bringing the best possible gameplay
    • A top secret method of deterring online cheating