American Map Pack v1.0 available

A new multiplayer map pack has found its way oversea to us. Built by the american side of the community the 132MB sized "American Map Pack v1.0" is available for download. Overall 12 multiplayer maps, all set in different environments, are included. From dense jungles over snowy hills to industry complexes, everything is available. If you want to play on some fresh and new maps you definitely should give this pack a try!

Map list: 

- am_administration : [SC]ClósëdCåskêt
- am_assault01 - [SC]ClósëdCåskêt
- am_chemical - xDESTROYER
- am_union - xDESTROYER
- am_industry - xDESTROYER
- am_security - ~AOC~ D
- am_blizzard - E8|LED_ZEP
- am_cascades - E8|LED_ZEP
- am_wetlands - E8|LED_ZEP
- am_river - E8|CRD
- am_rundown - E8|CRD
- am_angelisland - E8|CRD

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