Far Cry 2on2 Tournament Map Pack v1.0

Source: CryMod.com
In the beginning there was the idea of a faster Assault with even more action. Meanwhile the idea turned into a real new gamemode for Far Cry. It is called 2on2 Assault and practically it's the little, but a lot faster, brother of the original Assault mode. Due to good elaboration of the rules and exact definition of the gamemode itself the ESL (www.esl-europe.net) founded a 2on2 Assault league. Therein 2 teams with each 2 players can fight for the 2 existing flags on a map. The spawntimes are reduced to 8 seconds, the normal maptime is 10 minutes. Practically you can call it a kind of fast Assault that can be played with less effort and team organisation.

Of course you need the relevant tournament maps which have been released as "2on2 Tournament Map Pack v1.0". During development of the overall 11 Assault maps tournament capability, playability and variety have been emphasised. Jungle, desert and urban settings certainly can not be left out. But also extraordinary maps kept in toon or battlefield style are included as well. For all of you who want to try a new and refreshening gamemode, or get a whiff of league air, the 77MB sized Map Pack is the right choice. Also for LAN parties this  packs a lot of fun, promised!

Following maps are included:

  • mp_2v2_archive (by St!nger)
  • mp_2v2_avp (by c4Te)
  • mp_2v2_battlefield (by c4Te)
  • mp_2v2_buddha (by c4Te)
  • mp_2v2_cliffside (by c4Te)
  • mp_2v2_dune (by c4Te)
  • mp_2v2_fragarena (by St!nger)
  • mp_2v2_island (by Ace)
  • mp_2v2_toon (by c4Te)
  • mp_2v2_urban_v1 (by c4Te)
  • mp_2v2_urban_v2 (by c4Te)

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