eXcaliTrone v2.0 released

Source: CryMod.com
The popular expansion pack for Far Cry goes into the next round. A few days ago "eXcaliTrone v2.0" has been released in its familiar client and SSM (Server-Side-Mod) version. In cooperation with the Electronic Sports League (www.esl-europe.net) the pack has been prepared for the league. Next to loading different league settings you can have automatic screenshots at the end of any round. Also disabling the player names and many more can be set. Already now the team is working on a version 3.0. You will get more information about that soon! It is strongly recommended to read the provided readme file since it includes important information about the new settings. A small overview about the current existing features can be found here:

The current version of eXcaliTrone provides the following features:
  • Build-in map update system
  • Server list addons (favourits, server filter, and many more...)
  • Server admin "quick-panel"
  • "User-panel" for online gamers
  • Custom-Hud settings
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