MP Map/Level ToonTown & Cartoons Model Package

The reason for Clivey's brainstorm of creating a deathmatch map named "mp_Toontown" probably has its origin in the deeper sences of several bottles of hard liquor ;) None the less this 7.5MB sized map is pretty refreshening and offers another point of view about the multiplayer part. Thanks to his anti-jungle-campaign the whole map was created in this new toon style. For all level designers even the .cry-file is provided. By the request of many people he created lots of small objects like ladders, cars, oversized mushrooms and trees and lots of other things and packed them all up in a 4MB sized "Cartoon Models Package". Of course everything is being held in the typical slopy toon style. As an extra there is another "mp_toondeathmatch" created by [00]C4Te which is based on Clivey's map. Furthermore a 2on2-Assault version is in progress and will be included in the upcoming Map Pack.

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