Lots of assets for level designers!

Source: CryMod.com
Last week there has been lots of useful tools, new brushes and much more being released for all committed level designers. Today we will have a whole bunch of new assets for you! Hervig created a "snap together building kit" which allows you to creat buildings in the editor pretty fast and without much work. The about 11MB sized package includes all necessary parts for creating a building and also the .max-files to modify them. As an example you can download a pre-constructed map called mp_Quake. You will find a small instruction inside the 5mb sized zip-file.

For the upcoming more sunny days WangOO pushed himself to complete the "Beach Package". You can construct several buildings (e.g. a mansion) out of over 50 objects, including lots of accessory. You can find anything from cat walks over beach equipment to many different fishes, seastars and crayfishes. Even female bikini models and boats/yachts are included! The 26MB sized package shouldn't be missed out by anyone.

For the industrial indoor sector tp released a version of his "Tank'n'Tubes Models". Currently there seems to be a problem with the visarea which will be solved soon! The 2.5MB sized downlod is worth it anyways!

Whoever is looking for new cars for some wreck races should just download the 2 very nice "Flatout Cars" from CrazyMax. The 9MB zip-file includes the wreck models as well. For using those vehicles you need to have DCL Version 1.3 installed on your machine!

And last but not least Farmania released a new car as well. At this time it is a "Mitsubishi Carisma GT Evolution 7". Lots of Bling-Bling rims, a sporty chassis frame, deep sound from the exhaust and a nice painting create a nice 1.5MB sized race feeling! You should have a look at the readme file to avoid installation trouble.

Note: Some of the assets above needs to be placed either in your FCData folder or in your mods folder. Please keep in mind that when placing all that into FCData you will get kicked by Punkbuster when playing online! It is recommended to modify Far Cry in a specific mods folder.

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