New community mapping stuff

A whole bunch of new tools, brushes and vegetation for all ambitious level designers has been released shortly. E.g. WangOO from our forum created a nifty seashell-pack to pimp up your beach or to create a seashell necklace for Valerie ;) Furthermore there is a new version of tp's famous SweTree's which have been released in version 2.2. He added some cool city trees and bushes that can be used to beautify your map. As always you should read the readme carefully on how to install this vegetation correctly.

The biggest news is a recently developed tool. It was made by cwright and is called "Skybox Utility". With this tool it is possible to create your own skybox and add it to your level easily. It is recommended to read the manual delivered in the package. It includes a detailed installation instruction and also a very nice tutorial written for all newbies! This 4MB sized tool is definitely worth a download for all of you who are bored with the retail skyboxes of Far Cry :) There is already an update fixing a bug. All you need to do is replace the current .exe's with the versions included in the new zip file.

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- download "seashells" (230KB)
- download "SweeTree's v2.2" (9,4MB)
- download "Skybox Utility" (4MB)
- download "Skybox Utility Update" (55KB)