eXcaliTrone Expansion Pack

Source: CryMod.com
Within the last few weeks a lot has been created, tested and scripted and in cooperation between [SIG] rubin, +SG+ NoMaxx and theGhost2006 the "eXcaliTrone Expansion Pack" for Far Cry arose. In general you can say that it is an expansion pack updating the multiplayer part with missing and very useful features. In detail it is a very sophisticated system that eases a gamer's and admin's everyday life a lot! Following features are included:
  • Map upgrade system (automatic)
  • Extented serverlist (filtersystem, online server counter, favourites list)
  • User panel for mp players (voting system, server information, player detection)
  • Admin panel (easy login interface and administration system, admin panel)
In addition the map upgrade system is running on an especially for this purpose set up DNS root server and the whole system is being administrated by qualified personnel to keep it up-to-date to always provide the players the very latest maps. It allows a comfortable map download without the necessity of unpacking files.

The user panel is an ingame interface that can be opened by a freely customizable key. It includes, as already mentioned above, a voting system as well as information about the server and player detection. The admin panel, which can be opened by a customizable key as well, includes all necessary information and settings to administrate a server. 

To add even more detailed settings to the whole thing an eXcaliTrone SSM (Server-Side-Mod) has been developed as well that admins can run on their servers.

Note: One thing needs to be said about the whole tool. While installing it on your client machine there is a new pak file being added to the FCData folder. This file won't be detected as cheat by one of the over 30 servers that have the new pb config running already, but if you play on another server it is recommended to temporarily remove this file from your folder to avoid unnecessary kicks.

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