King of the Hill MOD

-BM- from forums worked on a mod called "King of the Hill" a long time ago and now released it to the community. Since the mod isn't completely finished you can modify it to your own wishes, but please inform -BM- about your changes (email: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!). So far the mod only works properly on non-dedicated servers and also the planned global variables for damage control are not included. Nontheless the mod is still fun to play and includes the basic King of the Hill rules:

The first one who kills someone else becomes the king. The king is visible on the radar and has a unit-highlight as well. If the king kills someone else he receives 1 point. All other players on the map are the king hunters. Killing the king will be awarded with 2 points and becoming the new king. Hunters killing each other won't get a point but will receive a positive teamkill. The damage system is based on balancing different skills and sounds quite interesing.
  • Damage is affected by the current amount of points of the target. If a player has 50% of all points of the match he will receive damage *1.5; If a player only has 20% of all points of the match he will receive damage *1.2
  • Damage given to the worst player is divided by 2
  • Hits between king hunters deal only half damage; the armor will receive damage *0.75
  • Hunter fighting the king will halve the kings armor damage

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