Far Cry Server-Farm Tool RC 1.0

Source: CryMod.com
Already a few days ago announced by -BM- in our forums you now can download the "Far Cry Server-Farm Tool RC1.0". This 360KB sized tool allows you to administrate Far Cry servers easily and without the necessity of starting the game and connecting to the server itself. The handling is quite simple since all rcon commands do work and also mapchange and/or player kick can be done by only a few mouse clicks. It is recommended to go through the manual before using this tool since all features and how to set it up correctly are explained in detail there. The new version is already in development and will include many new features but for now here are the current functions::
  • All RCon commands can be used
  • Players can be kicked or banned with only two mouse clicks
  • Server restart, mapchange or starting a profile can be done with two mouse clicks as well

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