European Assault Map Pack v1.1 released

After several months of getting feedback, improving and adjusting maps the team around -=UBW=- Achilles finally released their "European Assault Map Pack v1.1". Next to a lot of bug fixes this patch addresses a greatly improved gameplay on some maps. The map counter has been increased to 10 since 2 brandnew maps in city and graveyard style have been added to the pack. The 140MB sized install file is definitely worth a download for everyone who wants to play some great maps! Feedback and bug reports are welcome and should be posted in the respective thread. Here a little summary of the changelog:

  • Added map eu_streets
  • Added map eu_graveyard
  • Fixed bugs and glitches on several flag points
  • Improved gameplay of nearly all available maps

    Download "European Assault Map Pack v1.1" @
  • Selected Maps:

    • Stronghold *Exclusively on EU pack*
      Crytek 64 bit map that has been completely optimised and has improved gameplay, by A4F Manglord.
    • Gorge *Exclusively on EU pack*
      Another Crytek 64 bit map that originally had big gameplay issues and performance issues. It has been greatly improved by UBW Clivey and now runs as smooth as other standard maps and gameplay is completely different!
    • Temple
      Great looking map by A4F Manglord. Optimised version with adjusted first flag.
    • Landslide 
      Another great map by A4F Manglord.
    • Tese 
      I think a map unknown to most people, but a very cool and fun map to play made by Tatane and modified by [22ndSAS] Hervig.
    • Handara *Exclusively on EU pack*
      Visually stunning map created by Ancalimon. This map has eyecandy as well as good gameplay. Helix
    • Helix 3 flag version *Exlusively on EU pack*
      Map by Beloved Monster who has created a 3 flag optimised version especially for this map pack.
    • Castle *Exclusively on EU pack*
      New and exclusive EU map. The latest piece of art by A4F Manglord. Awesome map. Feels like ruins meets urbanwar 2 
    • Streets *Exclusively on EU pack*
      New and exclusive EU map.
    • Graveyard *Exclusively on EU pack*
      New and exclusive EU map.