Urban Models Pack v1.0

Source: CryMod.com
A new awesome package has been created by Clivey - at this time it is called the "Urban Models Pack" and will blend in perfectly with his already released City and Graveyard Model Packs. This ensures that you can build up a whole city with all these models without any texturing interferences. The models are for free use and feedback in the thread is welcome! Once the EU-MapPack update is available he will release the .cry file for the eu_streets map you can see on the pictures below. But now to the features of this urban style pack::
  • The Houses (can be entered and are completely textured):
    There are 5 parts available
    * Base of the house (includes front walkway)
    * Lower floor (drainpipes included in the pack)
    * Upper floor (additional bed, warddrobe, etc. included in pack)
    * Roof (TV aerial and satelite dish included in pack)
    * Garden (Shed and conservatory included in pack)
  • Street items like cars, wrecked cars, telephone booths, bins, etc.
  • Graffiti alphas to place on walls
  • Drag and Drop Petrol station with seperate pumps, pumpcables, forecourt, etc.
  • Multi-Storey Carpark with stackable levels and including a car ramp system

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